Glow links educational settings with cultural sector organisations in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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Vision Statement

We want children and young people in Newcastle to reach their full potential as creative, connected, active and engaged citizens.

We want a vibrant, high-quality arts and cultural education to be a normal expectation for our young people and communities.

Glow offers artists’ residencies within schools, colleges and alternative settings, where practitioners work with teachers to design and deliver innovative, school-led, arts-based projects with their learners.

We support cultural practitioners to deliver creative practice CPD to teachers as part of their residency.


We work with multiple stakeholders, such as freelance artists and cultural practitioners, schools, museums, libraries, cultural institutions, community organizations, and local government bodies, to create holistic and culturally inclusive learning experiences for our young people.


We aim to be inclusive and equitable, ensuring that cultural education is accessible to all, regardless of background or socioeconomic status. We actively seek to promote diversity and celebrate the rich heritage of all the communities who make their home in Newcastle upon Tyne.


Experiential Learning

We emphasize experiential and hands-on learning, allowing students to engage with cultural activities, exhibitions, performances, and interactive experiences both within and outside the classroom.

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Professional Development

We provide opportunities for educators to enhance their understanding of cultural education and creative practice, offering professional development and training to teachers and staff from our artists in residence.

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Curriculum Integration

We use our relationships with freelance artists and Newcastle Gateshead Cultural venues, to offer schools a wide range of diverse artistic and cultural learning opportunities.  This helps us meet the unique needs of each individual school.

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